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We offer solutions that focus on the integration of mind and body in order to support students throughout the university journey. We sit beside any existing mental health support services, helping to reduce waiting times and increase availability so that students get the best help as and when they need it. We offer great content, access to a wide range of mental health and complementary therapists who really get the challenges that students go through. We also have helplines, live chat, confidential parents’ support and much, much more. Our unique support services are currently helping students across Europe and in the US.

Our Story

mindhamok is the natural evolution of “Mondo Equilibrio”, an Italian company created in 2018 by Phil Georgiou, mindhamok’s co-founder and clinical director. From its humble beginnings in Rome, Equilibrio quickly became known as the go-to place for American students to access counseling support whilst studying abroad through use of it’s confidential English-speaking 24/7 helpline. Continued growth led to Equilibrio opening in Florence, Lugano, Paris, Madrid and London adding further specialist student helplines, critical incident management services, consultancy and training to university staff and faculty, whilst developing local hand-picked clinical networks in each city. Phil turned to long-time trusted friends Tiziana and Keith to come on-board as business partners to help grow the company into what is now Mindhamok. Mindhamok continues to support thousands of students across Europe, whether home students studying in their own city, international students or on study-abroad programs. Mindhamok is working hard to build upon and expand its 24/7 counseling helplines, critical incident management, training and clinical networks as well as offering fantastic Gen Z content both directly to universities and through individual subscriptions for students and their parents.

The Founders

Co-Founder and Marketing Director

Keith Miller

On graduating in Industrial Design at Loughborough University Keith went on to travel the world before assuming front office leadership roles in the FinTech sector, Keith has lived and worked in Australasia, Asia, Europe and the USA. He has a passion for conscious, morally driven ventures and understands the importance of human wellbeing for our future. Co-Founding mindhamok enables Keith to bring the two worlds of commerce and compassion together to help students through their journey to lead successful lives, however that success is defined


Co-Founder and Operations Director

Tiziana De Macceis

Tiziana graduated in Foreign Languages and speaks four. Tiziana began her working life in investment banking where she worked for a decade as a director in electronic trading. Although she had never considered ‘numbers’ to be her strength, this early career experience brought her to the realisation that in life if you commit to the task, you can achieve anything. With this in mind, she chose to follow her heart, leaving banking to create a number of her own businesses. Developing mindhamok enables Tiziana to focus her experience on a social venture that favours prevention and empowers students to take care of their wellbeing

Co-Founder and Clinical Director

Phil Georgiou

Phil Georgiou grew up in the UK in a mixed culture family and has lived and worked across Europe and the middle east. Initially beginning his working life in recruitment, Phil went on to work in the television industry before later retraining as an integrative Psychotherapist, counselor, consultant and trainer.

Phil is fascinated by what makes us tick as human beings, and how this constantly changes throughout our lives. He believes passionately in the energy, drive, creativity and power of young people and is committed to listening attentively to what they have to say and how they view the world around them.

Phil has been an accredited member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy since 2002, he holds the European Certificate of Psychotherapy and is an EMDR practitioner.

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