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We all know the problems for students: stress and overload; conflicts with roommates or flatmates, professors & parents; anger, depression, substance use or misuse, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm and suicidal thoughts… the list goes on. mindhamok is here to offer students real and meaningful support through our mix of online and live services, helping you to find again that sense of joy and purpose that can at times get lost along the way.


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a student

mindhamok serves up tailor-made solutions, as and when you need them. After talking to hundreds of students across Europe and beyond we know that despite the support already out there some of you find difficulty accessing it, or waiting times are long. At mindhamok we’ve hand-picked our own team of great student-focused therapists & coaches, from mental health to complementary as well as medical doctors. They work alongside our 24/7 confidential support line, live chat, dynamic content that tracks the student year, podcasts & digital learning. We’re here to accompany and support you through every stage of your university journey.

a parent or friend

Here at mindhamok we really understand that university and college years are stressful for everyone, not just the student. Frantic phone calls and messages can leave you as parents feeling helpless as you try to help your son or daughter navigate the daily challenges of student life. With mindhamok there’s no need to face those challenges alone! By gifting a Premium or Premium Plus subscription to your son or daughter you’ll be making sure they have access to our 24/7 counselling support, live chat and dynamic content through every stage of their academic journey, in turn buying peace of mind for you the parent.

university or organisation

Through mindhamok’s preventative and responsive support services, we free up universities and providers to focus their attention on academics, administration, programming, student life and the many other aspects involved in providing quality education. We partner closely with you to help students meet the challenges that arise and have strong expertise in working with students on all kinds of programs, including domestic, international, semester-abroad, undergraduate, postgraduate. We complement existing support services as and when students need it, including evenings and weekends. This helps to reduce waiting times and takes the burden off university support staff. We also offer a wide range of tailor-made consultancy and training solutions for faculty, administrators and student life staff as well as round-the-clock support and guidance to help you manage critical incidents as and when they happen.

Recent Events

Student Event

Fri, 4 February 2022 @ 14:00 - 17:15 BST


Wellness afternoon with mindhamok: Self-Reflexology, Yoga and Breath work

About this event

mindhamok is an advocate of well-being in a holistic way: mind, body and spirit. This afternoon is a gift from mindhamok to give you back some space in life by practicing activities that will take care of all 3!

We have selected therapists that reflect the soul of mindhamok to really allow you to enter a space of love for yourself and others! Take those 3 hours off and join us, it will be worth it!

You need a bottle of water, comfortable clothing, a clear space, a mat, a blanket (optional) and if you have blocks they might be helpful for yoga.

Parent Event

No upcoming events

Latest Knowledge Feed


It’s time to go…

This time of year – the end of term and study abroad students heading home – can be intense. We are hearing that anxiety is up. What can students do during this time?


Alcohol, boundaries, and balance – A student take

How have you and your friends experienced the culture around drinking at Uni so far? And how would you describe how you are handling it? Read on to see how our ambassador found drinking to be excessive in her experience.


Anxiety… Panic Attacks

Read on to learn to distinguish between ‘anxiety’ and ‘panic’; and significantly, steps you can take to take care of yourself if you are experiencing either.

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Can I buy the service for my son, daughter or someone else?

Yes, mindhamok’s ‘premium’ and premium plus’ subscriptions can be purchased for use by another person, simply select the plan above and follow the prompts.

Does my university have mindhamok?

If your university has subscribed its students to mindhamok, simply ask them for your access details to access all of our premium services.


Can I set up ongoing therapy sessions with a specialist?

Yes, the ‘Book a Therapist’ service will guide you through choosing the right therapist to support you and enable you to develop a plan.

Do I have to commit to a long term contract on the paid for subscriptions?

No, you can subscribe monthly and come and go as you choose to, we will be here to welcome you back if you need us again. You will always have access to the freemium content.

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