25th February 2021

6pm GMT - 7pm CET - 1pm EST - 10am PST

Online Symposium

This wasn't supposed to happen!

How can students stay healthy and sane during the pandemic?

about the event

Since the beginning of this pandemic we’ve been listening to the voices of world leaders, politicians and journalists speaking to other world leaders, politicians and journalists. In turn these voices reach us, the general public.

Here at mindhamok we want to see this change. Alongside the universities themselves we work every day to support students around the world, and we believe it’s time to start a real dialogue in which the student voice can properly be heard. The mindhamok virtual symposium marks the beginning of this.

Why Attend?

We’ve put together a panel of professionals who all come from different perspectives and are passionate about their work with students. They’re keen to listen and talk with you about your concerns and insights as well as answer your questions as you study during this pandemic.

You’ll gain some great tips on getting through this, you’ll meet other students from around the world and help us gain a greater understanding of how to support you better.

Register now to join our expert panel members as we all share our perspectives on “the academic year that wasn’t supposed to happen”.

Program Pillars

Our Programme – Times in GMT

GMT (adjust for your timezone) Topic Speaker Description
6 - 6.30pm GMT Symposium welcome and introduction Keith Miller What is mindhamok all about and the objective of the symposium​
Voice of the student Camille Roelens what it is like being a student in 2021 during the year that wasn’t supposed to happen!
Normalising reactions Phil Georgiou Rather than trying to control or change our reactions Phil will focus on the importance of acknowledging and normalising them, leaving you free to get on with living the best life you can.
6.30 - 7.10pm GMT The power of alternative medicine Natasha Despotovic How to increase immune system defences, decrease stress and increase resilience with homoeopathy.
Mindfulness exercise Bill Dennis Bill will guide us through 5 minutes of mindfulness at the halfway point of the symposium
Coaching as a tool Dr. Veronika Schmid The introduction of coaching as a powerful support tool for students in achieving goals through training and guidance
The link between nutrition and mental health Dr. Padmini Sastry Presenting nutrition and as an essential part of our daily practice to help improve the vitality of our entire system and mental health
7.10pm GMT Q&A all panellists Now is your chance to ask our panel those burning questions
7.25pm GMT Close Thank you and wrap up