Let’s talk about Nutrition


by Marie Waelti-Girard from My Happy Nutrition.

Nutrition: This simple yet complex word means a lot for all of us. What we put in our body affects our cells and influences our thoughts. Our nutrition choices can lead to acne or glowing skin, migraines or the ability to focus better. How we feed ourselves can create a bloated feeling or leave us feeling light as a feather.

Nutrition is essential not only to survive but also to thrive both physically and mentally. Think about it, what kind of decisions about your health, your wellbeing and thus your future do you make if you feel great, full of energy, sharp and physically fit? I bet you are more apt to make good decisions, like going for a walk outdoors or grabbing veggies at the takeaway, when you are nourishing your body with care.

Alternatively, what kinds of decisions do you make when you are in pain, or are tired and overwhelmed/having an off day? On those days, it may not take long to grab that container of ice cream and head straight to the couch.
Eating well is the foundation for your health and supports good decision making. It is a form of self-respect to choose nourishing and healthy food. How do you envisage your body? Is it something you just fill with whatever you have at arm’s length? Or do you treat your body as the complex and sacred organism that it is?.

What kind of nutrition should we choose? There is no shortage of “diets” on the market and a lot of conflicting advice from “experts”. Knowing what to eat can feel like a chore. A good starting point is, keep it as simple as possible! Simple does not mean grabbing ready-made, processed food. Simple really is… simpler and often cheaper: veggies, fruits, eggs, healthy fat, some smart carbs…

It is important to acknowledge that nutrition is sometimes a source of suffering for those of us with a complicated relationship with food. I believe there is hope for all of us, we can improve and have an increasingly peaceful time at the table.

Food and its preparation is to be shared. Readying food for yourself or another is a true act of generosity and care. Think of those times with friends or family when food has been the uniting force, where you have experienced a sense of celebration, laughter, love and nourishment. Prioritizing delicious, nutritious, and healthy food supports connections with others and decision making that helps you take good care of yourself and thrive.

Mindhamok….supporting you as you cultivate your own unique “hamok” of well-being and growth. Put your mind in a hammock with us.

Marie Waelti-Girard.


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