Study Secrets

Tis the season of exams. What a marvelous time! If you’re reading this, you may be processing a lot of endings at the moment. Perhaps not only are classes finishing up, but also your time studying abroad. On top of that, we are all coming to terms with the final few days of 2023. During this flurry of final exams & final goodbyes, it may be hard to find our footing and settle down to study.

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Your Dorm Can be Your Sanctuary

Alright I’ll say it. The world is crazy. We all have to-do lists, deadlines, commutes, social lives, social media, and on, and on, and on. When life is this hectic, we need somewhere we can recuperate, our own little sanctuary that feels safe & peaceful. But when living as a student abroad, out of a suitcase, and with roommates, creating sanctuary can be tricky. Well we’re here to tell you it’s not! Here you’ll find some simple ways to turn your dorm into your safe space.

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How to Talk to Strangers (Sorry, Mom)

Surprise! There’s a whole world out there, and it’s full of people. People you didn’t sit next to in Biology. People who didn’t end up on your little league baseball team or in Sunday night yoga class. People who don’t even follow you on social. If you have the good fortune to travel on this big blue marble we call Earth, then you’re going to come across these unfamiliar folks. Perhaps on a bus or a plane, in a cafe, bookstore, or bar, somewhere far, far away from all the people you actually do know.

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dating as a student

Let’s be honest: student dating is a rollercoaster. A rollercoaster that some of us love to ride, or one that we never want to get on again. That being said, most of us will give dating a go at some point or another. For students who want to start dating, we’ve got one question for you: do you believe in love at first swipe? Punny. Now let’s get started…

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Finding Your Groove: A Guide to Living Authentically

Welcome back to another blog post where we dive into the good stuff. This time, we're going to chat about living authentically. Yeah, you heard that right. We're talking about being our true selves, letting our unique colours shine, and embracing our quirks, flaws, and all. So grab a cup of your favourite beverage, put your mind in a hammock and let's get this authenticity party started!

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