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You HOOKED? Is your phone your BFF? Free Webinar for young people and students

Location: Online event, zoom webinar

PAST EVENT, stay tuned for future events.

This webinar is hosted by Marina Tricard, a psychotherapist with mindhamok, trained in CBT, DBT and hypnotherapy who specializes in addiction. Addiction could involve gambling, sex, drugs, alcohol, and love as well as electronic or screen addiction.

Now more than ever, we are using electronic devices to engage with positive messages. Perhaps on Instagram we follow accounts that promote the stuff that gets us going: sports, body positivity, climate awareness or mindhamok’s blogs posts and podcasts ;). There is so much to celebrate when it comes to electronic devices and the doors that they have opened. But sometimes it makes it hard for us to switch off and catch a break when we need one.

So this webinar is for those who are reaching for their phones first thing in the morning (we’ve all been there). Or when you have an assignment due, but you end up scrolling through TikTok. It’s hard to be productive at the best of times and having instant, on-demand access to unlimited entertainment an armlengths away can make it near impossible.

But fear not! You’re not alone.

Have you ever wondered how electronic devices can affect our brains? Did you know there is a link to electronic devices and aggression? Marina starts the webinar by discussing the evidence and theories around electronic devices.

So, we know how electronic devices affect us. But what can we do about it? Marina will talk through screen addiction. Some of us can be addicted to our devices without even realizing it. This can be spotted through non-productive, or, ‘maladaptive’ behavior. Perhaps we have asked ourselves before “am I addicted?”. And if we think we could be – there are tips to help reduce screen time and counteract addictive tendencies.

In this webinar we will cover:

  1. Statistics, Evidence and Theories
  2. Trigger
  3. Blue light
  4. Aggressive behaviour
  5. The effect of social media
  6. What is maladaptive behavior?
  7. How to avoid harmful relationships with screens
  8. The positives and how to create healthy relationships with screens
  9. When to ask for help!

It’s not always doom and gloom. Like anything in life, too much of something isn’t good. But there are positives to electronic devices and what they’ve given us. We just need to be aware when those scales start to tip, and what to do when we see an imbalance. We’re all human beings and we’re a part of the first generations to grow up with more screen time.