University & Education Providers

As well as having an in-depth understanding of the emotional and psychological difficulties that students and their families can experience, we also understand the challenges that you as a university or education provider are faced with as you strive to ensure that high quality, dependable support is accessible to students, staff and faculty. Our solutions for organisations cover the whole university ecosystem whilst keeping the student experience at the heart of what we do.

Our solution for organisations covers the whole university ecosystem whilst keeping the student experience at the heart of what we do.

mindhamok services consist of

Staffed by trained counsellors who really understand the student experience

To help students access the support they need

Digital Learning

On demand digital content to support students throughout the academic year

Workshops & Webinars

Live student events and webinars exclusive to mindhamok members



Access to our global networks of handpicked therapists who are specialists in providing the right support as and when needed. Our network consists of qualified and accredited experts in mental health, complementary therapies as well as medical doctors. All are passionate about supporting the particular needs of students



Staff & Faculty Professional Development

Tailor-made training solutions for faculty, administrators and student life staff. These can focus on areas as diverse as communication, leadership, mental & psychological first aid, stress management, soft skills, managing conflict, delivering difficult news, empathy vs compassion… the list is endless and we’re ready to create solutions that meet your needs



Critical Incident & Crisis Management

Critical incident interventions which guarantee round-the-clock support and guidance by phone as well as on-site to help you manage difficult situations and traumatic events as and when they happen.

We partner closely with you to help students meet the challenges that can arise. The mindhamok team brings extensive experience of working with all kinds of programs, including domestic, international, semester-abroad, undergraduate & postgraduate.

mindhamok offers block packages that enable universities and education providers to make great student-focused support available to the whole university community.

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