We’ve got a lot of time for Pride

The LGBTQIA+ community is incredible. Not just in the month of Pride but all year round. Pride month reminds us why this resilient community is worth celebrating, but we must remember that Pride is more than parades and a flag.

We’ve got a lot of time for Pride… here’s why.

Peer Pressure

When we think of peer pressure we often think of the negatives. We are often taught to avoid the people that apply pressure. And sometimes,

It’s time to go…

This time of year – the end of term and study abroad students heading home – can be intense. We are hearing that anxiety is up. What can students do during this time?

Alcohol, boundaries, and balance – A student take

How have you and your friends experienced the culture around drinking at Uni so far? And how would you describe how you are handling it? Read on to see how our ambassador found drinking to be excessive in her experience.

Anxiety… Panic Attacks

Read on to learn to distinguish between ‘anxiety’ and ‘panic’; and significantly, steps you can take to take care of yourself if you are experiencing either.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad may well turn out to be one of those pivotal periods in life that opens you into different ways of seeing the world and yourself in it. And it has its challenges. Familiarize yourself here with the phases of cultural adjustment, a framework to help you think specifically about your adjustment to the new culture you are moving towards.

Let’s talk about Nutrition

This simple yet complex word means a lot for all of us. What we put in our body affects our cells and influences our thoughts.